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The Manager
* * *
ManagerHsiao, Shu-Chen

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* Manager
  Hsiao, Shu-Chen
* Education
  Department of International Trade, Feng Chia university. 
Graduate Institute of Business, Feng Chia University. 
* Work Experience
  Assistant Tax Officer, Tax Officer, Revenue Service Office Taipei County. 
Clerk, Taichung Branch, Central Trust of China, Ministry of Finance. 
Officer, Coordinator, Department of Planning, Taiwan Water Corporation 
Chief, Department of Finance, Taiwan Water Corporation. 
Deputy Director, Department of Business, Taiwan Water Corporation. 
Deputy Manager, Eleventh Branch of Taiwan Water Corporation. 
General Inspector of Auditing Office, Taiwan Water Corporation 
Manager, Eleventh Branch of Taiwan Water Corporation 
* Examination
  Passed the C grade Examination of financial administration on local government special examination, 1989. 
Passed the Higher Civil Service Examination on financial administration, 1990. 
Businessman license of Securities, Securities and Exchange Commission, Ministry of Finance, 1992.  
* Position
  Manager, Fourth Branch of Taiwan Water Corporation
The Deputy Manager
* * *
Deputy Managerzemg,Liang-Lin

* Deputy Manager
* Educational Background
  Master Feng Chia University Department of Civil Engineering 
* Work Experience
  1.Central Region Engineering Office, Taiwan Water Corporation,of Junior Engineer and Engineer. 
2.Changhua county Operations Station for Eleventh Branch, Taiwan Water Corporation. 
Yuanlin Operations Station for Eleventh Branch, Taiwan Water Corporation. 
LU KANG Operations Station for Eleventh Branch, Taiwan Water Corporation. 
Public Works Section Chief for Eleventh Branch, Taiwan Water Corporation 
Secretary for Eleventh Branch, Taiwan Water Corporation. 
* Qualifications
  Level Two Civil Service Senior Civil Service Examination Civil engineering in 1994. 
Qualification Screening Examinations civil constructional for Professional and Technical Personnel Passing in1994 
Ministry of Economic Affairs Channel business skill construction Class A qualification test in 2010 
* License
  Civil Engineering Technician 
QC Engineer 
Labor Safety and Health Administrator 
* Position
  Deputy Manager of the Fourth Branch,Taiwan water Corporation
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